Building Well-Engineered Systems



Soft Artifact (Incorporated) is a spawned allied business of the Chiu Kim Group of Companies. It provides Systems Development and ICT In-sourcing Services serving all subsidiaries of the Chiu Kim Group of Companies ( and its affiliates (Joint Venture Cooperative and FONUS).

Soft Artifact specializes in building and implementing advanced ICT-driven enterprise environments from Enterprise Resource Planning Systems to Linux-based network infrastructure and Platforms.

Soft Artifact focuses on Enterprise JAVA Technologies implementing open-source JAVA frameworks such as Hibernate, Swing, and Spring. We have mastered the full life-cycle of Software Engineering adopting the Soft Artifact Agile Methodology in building designs up to deployment and maintenance of various projects.

We are an output-oriented company. Soft Artifact adopts a flexible time schedule on all of its software developers as we believe spending more coding time on a project does not necessarily equate to high product quality. Instead, Soft Artifact believes on the 80-20 Pareto principle, where 80 percent of the time is spent on creative thinking while just 20 percent is spent on quality codes. We give emphasis on the on-time delivery of working system phases rather  than on the process of its delivery.

Soft Artifact has partnered with the leading universities in its region inviting the top competent students and providing them with a competitive environment to work in.

Soft Artifact is an inception of the third generation heir, Mr. Christian Valeen R. Chiu, with the infused higher levels of competence that manages and directs the Administration of Chiu Kim Group of Companies ( – which started as “Chiu Kim Hardware”, a five decade trading pioneer in Koronadal City, South Cotabato.

Moreover, Soft Artifact also establishes, organizes, maintains support, develops and assist the various projects and programs of the institution and or Network with other schools, colleges, universities and other related institutions in support to education and for the national interest. We are a founding member of the South Cotabato ICT Council: Southern Philippines Educators and Entrepreneurs Development for Information Technology (SPEED-IT: Soft Artifact holds the presidential seat of SPEED-IT since January 2014.

With the aim of building the most advanced ICT Infrastructure to support the growing businesses of the Chiu Kim Group of Companies, Soft Artifact opens its doors to the brilliant Developers and Engineers for internship, employment and partnership.